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Sports Themed Slots Game

Date Added: June 11, 2009

Sporting events are the most widely followed events. They generate tremendous interest, which at times borders on fanaticism. Therefore it is natural for developers of slots games to exploit this fan following into popularity for the slot game. Many sport themed slot games are released on the occasion of a major sporting event as this gives them greater mileage. The tennis themed slot Centre Court released just before Wimbledon this year is an example. Also slot games released in earlier years are pulled out during sporting events as parts of promotions. A plethora of football themed slots based promotions were offered last month to coincide with the UEFA Championships.

Football is the world’s most popular sport and therefore there are a large number of slot games on the theme of football. Three of the most popular ones are Football Rules from Playtech, Free Kick from Cryptologic and World Cup Mania from Microgaming. Sports themed slots are ideal for realistic bonus games on the second screen. All three of the above mentioned online slots feature the penalty shootout in their bonus games. The penalty shootout is one of the tensest and most agonizing components of the football game and to see it replicated on the reels adds to the popularity of the slot. American Football too has not gone unrepresented. Field of Green from Real Time Gaming is based on American Football. The symbols on the reels include helmets and helmeted players that are the hallmark of American Football. The bonus game features the unique goalposts used in the game.  

Horse racing is a popular gambling outlet. Hence it is a perfect theme for a slot game. Two of the most popular horse racing based slot games are Derby Dollars from Real Time Gaming and Sure Win from Microgaming. Horses, jockeys, trophies and binoculars feature on the reels of both slot games. A comparison of the symbols of these two games shows how the crafting of the symbols can affect the tenor of the game. Derby Dollars is more sober and elegant whereas Sure Win has a touch of the unscrupulous to it. Neither game offers a bonus game on the second screen but there are plenty of free spins around.

Basketball is another sport that is well represented on the reels. Money Shot from Vegas Technology is a popular basketball themed game. Players, cheerleaders and mascots all find a place on the reels. The bonus game on the second screen is based on shooting the basketball in the hoops. Some sports themed slots are based on sporting celebrities. Dennis Rodman the basketball legend has two slot games to his name, one developed by Playtech and the other by Vegas Technology. Rodman won five NBA championships but later acquired somewhat of a dubious image. Both slots feature many pictures of Rodman on the reels.

One underrepresented sport is baseball. This is surprising because baseball has a large following and a rich legacy. But the one slot that represents baseball is high class. It is called Hot Shot from Microgaming. Though the slot game is low on features it has well chosen and well crafted symbols on the reels that succeed in creating the atmosphere of the baseball game. The symbols include logos for Home Run, Wild Ball and Strike; the pitcher and the batter and the assortment of foods that have become an integral part of watching a baseball game.

And while looking at sports based slot games one cannot forget the mother of all sporting events – the Olympic Games. Medal Tally from Real Time Gaming was released on the occasion of the Beijing Olympics in August 2008. With gold, silver and bronze medals on the reels and also the various sporting events like biking, swimming and athletics Medal Tally truly embodies the Olympic spirit.


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